TUNNIDGE – Mobius Strip – out 12.02.2016

TUNNIDGE – Mobius Strip – out 12.02.2016

The long anticipated debut Album MOBIUS STRIP is finally ready!


Tunnidge who has released on Deep MediChestplateTectonicGetDarkerGhost Records and Origin Audio explores esoteric realms with his album. Mobius Strip is a continuous psychedelic flow of electronica fluctuating between 140 & 160bpm permeated with soundscapes and vocal imagery.

The 10 track Album will be out on Shining Tyger on the 12th of February

1. golden bough
2. amygadala
3. hold tight
4. shaman
5. avalon
6. hermetica
7. eyes of fear
8. one world
9. stone circle
10. my family

pre-order: http://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/products/tunnidge-mobius-strip-lp

bookings around the release date are still possible! get in touch!

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