RSD, perhaps better known as Bristol bass music stalwart Rob Smith and one half of the respected production duo Smith and Mighty, has been pushing bass heavy rhythms for more than two decades.

Forming the, now legendary, production duo Smith and Mighty with collaborator Ray Mighty in 1987, the pair’s early releases on the Three Stripe label were influential in laying the groundwork for both the trip hop and jungle scenes for which Bristol would become renowned.

As well as their own releases, they take production credit for Massive Attacks first release ’Any Love’ and Fresh Fours top ten hit ’Wishing on a star’.

From there it went to a world-wide respected musical career as Smith & Mighty – with world-tours and releases on K7 – including the now legendary DJ Kicks Mix series.

Rob remains firmly at the forefront of Bristol’s endlessly inventive music scene, with a staggering discography and a range of projects encompassing dub, drum and bass, 2-step and dubstep, Rob Smith has his finger squarely on the bass-pulse.

Under the moniker RSD, Rob Smith produces fresh, innovative bass music that simultaneously pays dues to his deep soundsystem roots while pushing things ever forward.

He comfortably adapts to the rolling, sub- heavy rhythms of dubstep. With releases on respected labels including Punch Drunk, Earwax, Tectonic, Black Box and Moonshine, RSD’s sound is typified by impossibly heavy soundsystem-testing sub-lines and junglist dub breaks.

On the DJ front, RSD is constantly touring the world, he stopped in Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, Slovenia – toured through Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam) and of course performed all over the UK – the summer months are filled with festival, outdoor and club gigs in Finland, Ukraine, France, Slovakia, Poland, UK’s Glastonbury festival and as resident DJ at Croatia´s Outlook Festival, and as a glorious end to a very busy 2011, RSD performed on New Year´s Eve at the massive Electronic Ballroom event in Tokyo alongside Francois K, Goth-Trad and DJ Kentaro from Ninja Tune Japan plus many others. in 2012, Rob was reunited with Ray Mighty for a massive Tokyo date with Mad Professor.



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