GetDarker Events

GetDarker is an endorsed independent online magazine devoted to dubstep music and UK underground culture. Evolving from an original site ( launched in 2002, GetDarker has since expanded beyond its London, UK roots and now has strong support from a global audience.

GetDarker has bolstered its brand as an award-winning leader in dubstep via the TV-advertised compilation series This Is Dubstep, weekly GetDarker webcasts, globally, a top 15 iTunes podcast, merchandise and exposure at UK festivals and international shows. Showcasing the full spectrum of the genre, these multi-media platforms have provided exposure to up and coming artists as well as bringing the audience closer to the scene’s biggest stars.

The GetDarker events started in London and are now taking place all over Europe and beyond – from Festival stages to Club Shows – with versatile line-ups and in different forms you can party with GetDarker internationally!



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