MESCK – EU/UK Tour 2016

MESCK – EU/UK Tour 2016

Big news for next season!

Chestplate´s MESCK will be on tour through EUROPE and the UK from mid September till end of October 2016

please get in touch for dates as soon as possible!

more about and from MESCK:

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There are a number of influencers responsible for the rise in popularity of the dubstep sound in America. You’ve got the original founding fathers who brought the sound over from South Croydon in the early days – and then you’ve got the new wave of American dubstep producers and DJs who have championed the genre through its petulant adolescence to where it is today.

Zach Mellion is one creative from the new wave. Except Zach, who you’ll likely know as Mesck, has been producing and DJing since 2003. While the likes of Skream, Benga and Digital Mystikz were pushing the boundaries of what would become known as dubstep with releases on Croydon’s Big Apple around the same time, Mesck was exploring his sonic abilities with hip hop and drum and bass.

Over the last decade or so, the now Los Angeles-based creative has built a global following as he’s continued to carve a niche in the 140bpm spectrum. Mesck rose to international prominence with his debut on Distance’s Chestplate imprint – the first American producer to release on the genre defining  label. A number of collaborative and solo efforts on American labels preceded 2014’s ‘CHST032’, but it was 2015’s ‘Dead Language’ EP that cemented Mesck’s standing within the dubstep community.

As the new wave of both American and international producers continue to make their mark on a sound loved the world over, Mesck has achieved much as a creative both nationally and further afield. With his signature growls, complex rhythmic structures and hauntingly beautiful atmospheres, Mesck’s music is refreshingly distinctive in an often-repetitive soundscape. And while Mesck’s musical ability is known and loved around the world, few seem to have recognized his artistic abilities. Mesck artwork can be found adorning some of the scene’s most respected record labels; providing quality aesthetics alongside releases that are treasured by the dubstep sound’s international following. If that’s not a clear indication of Zach Mellion’s talents, I’m not sure what is.

words by Wil Benton/ FatKidOnFire

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